Bagua Mirror

By · Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Bagua Mirror

When asked about the benefits of using Feng Shui mirrors, which are overwhelmed with information that floods my internal database. Duplicate Images Feng Shui in whatever is increase reflects and bring the light of life in nature and our homes. Hidden 'things' is no longer when they were hidden "to the light. It is through this understanding that the mirrors reflect, deflect, cover, increase the space mirrors and give a feeling of expansion. Designers interior have benefited from the magical light that bring spaces. Almost all Feng Shui books mention the use of mirrors for the "cure" and equipment. There are some schools of thinking that they waive their benefits, but for me I've seen the changes they can bring. Mirrors can be used to change immediately when placed correctly Chi. Choose an experienced consultant in Feng Shui, when legal issues are a problem. A mirror positioned correctly when it may alleviate the chaos and help with a peaceful solution. That said, there are sometimes when they are beneficial. A rule is always check what the mirror reflects before hanging up. Make sure the reflection is beautiful. As an example, you do not want to put mirrors reflecting mirrors, but you can position them for a long corridor or health center Gua.

Decorated in the land of landscapes and colors yellow and earth tones, which could help someone with health problems. Another problem might be inclined walls, which can cause unexpected and unknown diseases. Place a large or small bagua mirror mirror shaped or round about these issues design details. Cut in a room, making it have a "corner lost. A no-no in Feng Shui. The worst case I've seen in a house was an elaborate decorative mirror in pieces. The 6 to 8 long mirrors and joined the person does reflects to be cut into several sections. People living in this house, suffered from many, many problems, from intestinal surgery and back problems. Another misuse is not being able to see the whole face when you look in the mirror.

Make sure everyone in the family can watch from the top of the head at least to the shoulders or longer looking at the reflecting surface. Women whose mouth can not see, "have nothing to say, or no one will listen, and a tall man can have his head" cut off " and feel powerless. To increase the flow of money, put a plain octagonal Bagua mirror round mirror or on the phone, credit card machine and cash register. Use these special mirrors in your altars. Place under or behind a statue of Jesus, Kuan Yin or Buddha to improve your spiritual awareness and twice the power Part. Use convex mirrors in Feng Shui to ward off bad energy or concave to turn things upside down and backward image trick. You can use a mirror to double the family fortune, wealth, fame or the marriage area of your home. Mirrors are powerful Feng Shui tools when used correctly. To see Full selection of Feng Shui Emporium mirrors for Feng Shui cures.

Caroline Patrick BorNei (pronounced Bornay) is Caroline’s Chinese name given to her by her Master Teacher His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yin. She has Feng Shui art for sale at

Feng Shui Design Tips : How to Use the Bagua Mirror in Feng Shui

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